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Digital Marketing: The types of Digital Marketing

In the current century, we frequently hear the term of Digital Marketing and we are all focusing on this system what actual it is. So to understand the Digital Marketing in the simple words we can say it is the marketing of products or services on internet by using mainly digital technologies, but also uses advertising, promotions mobile phones to interact more customers to buy the products. Digital Marketing also uses various channels to connect with customers to spend more time.

For a good marketing through online one should have prior knowledge in today’s online world so that can get more eyes on merchandise.

There are various types of Digital Marketing. These are discussed below:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

  2. Search Engine Marketing

  3. Pay per click Advertising

  4. Email Marketing

  5. Mobile Phone Marketing         

  6. Affiliate Marketing                             

   Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization can be defined as the practice of quantity and quality of traffic to website through the search engine results and converts them to sales. Through the SEO one can bring the website on the top. It is used to increase the visibility on search engines, get more customers on website, and change the bottom business into higher business, easy way to show the business and products. It is also used to assist the search engines to make the website at higher ranker rather than the millions of distinct websites. It also enhances the user skills and experience on the usability of websites.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is another technique of digital marketing or internet marketing that is used to grow the business and make is effective and increase market productivity. Search engine marketing is likely referred to the paid search marketing, where a business pays to the Google to put their ads or websites in the search results.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is the model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay the amount every time when the ads is clicked. It is the way of buying visits to the one’s site. One of the prominent platforms to make PPC more effective is Google Ads. The Ads platform creates Ads that appear on the Google’s search engine. The business running Ads are only charged when the ads are clicked by the customers, hence the name “pay per click”.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the art of sending the commercial message or business message, to the group of people typically, sending by the emails. These mails are mostly send to the potential buyers to make the  wide range of window  to buy the product .Email marketing is also known as direct marketing that uses electronic mails as the  mode of communication for commercial fundraising message to the traffic.

Mobile phone marketing:

Mobile phone marketing is one of the top of facility to sell the product in the wide range field across the world. There are various applications like Facebook, Instagram, whatsaap, Google SMS, etc. used to be make the effective marketing.

Mobile phone marketing is the multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at achieving a target audience on the tablets, smartphones, social media, or other mobiles.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model where a firm is used to pay the compensation to the other party to generate the leads to the products or services of a firm. The affiliate marketing makes easier to the affiliate to gain the money on products without creating of their own.

In affiliate marketing the cost of the product remains same when a customer buys a product from the affiliate. But the owner reduces the amount per sale because they must pay a compensation or percentage to the third party.





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