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Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies , mainly on the internet,and any other di

What are the digital types Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most primary types of

Digital Marketing online via Ads on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEM assists in optimizing the bran presence and conversions for businesses through paid and unpaid advertising.In today's time ,We Frequently hear the term Digital Marketing and We all think that we kindof know what actual it is.A consumer gets on the Internet and types in a keyword related to an insurance or financial services product. Thanks to your company’s search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, your company is listed on the first page (perhaps even at the top). The consumer clicks on the links to your company’s Web site and completes contact information. The lead goes to your agent or inside sales representative, who contacts the prospect and makes a sale (Art and Mary, 2006).

In the developed world, companies have realized the importance of digital marketing. In order for businesses to be successful they will have to merge online with traditional methods for meeting the needs of customers more precisely (Parsons, Zeisser, Waitman 1996). Introduction of new technologies has creating new business opportunities for marketers to manage their websites and achieve their business objectives (Kiani, 1998).

In another scenario, a current client provides his email address to your company to receive a newsletter. The newsletter is emailed regularly, personally addressed to him. and is packed with interesting, non-sales oriented information, including an article based on stages. Your company’s Web site address is in the newsletter, and when the client reads it, he decides to check the site for information on a product he is considering. Interested, he then calls his agent.

Many scenarios are possible, combining various aspects of e-marketing. It may be- that a new homeowner spots a banner ad for your company while on a mortgage Web site, or just the right email arrives when a new parent is considering life insurance. Digital marketing is relatively new, and companies are often only using a few aspects of it, testing the waters of this relatively new way to market. Some companies use email marketing, others use search engine optimization (SEO), Internet-based lead generation, personalized collateral, interactive advertising, or Web seminars – or a combination of these. Digital marketing strategies involve utilizing existing and rising communication and data networks to inform personalized and uninterrupted communication between the firm and its customers and to provide worth above customary networks (Watson et al, 2002).

It is much more convenient for businesses to conduct surveys online with a purpose to get relevant information from targeted groups and analysing the results based on their responses. Potential customers can look for reviews and recommendations to make informed decisions about buying a product or using the service. On the other hand, businesses can use the exercise to take action on relevant feedback from customers in meeting their needs more accurately. Digital marketing is the use of technologies to help marketing activities in order to improve customer knowledge by matching their needs (Chaffey, 2013). Marketing has been around for a long time. Business owners felt the need to spread the word about their products or services through newspapers and word of mouth. Digital marketing on the other end is becoming popular because it utilizes mass media devices like television, radio and the Internet.