• Mar 4, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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                                                                                            CYBER SPACE LEARNING

                                                                       MY EDUCATION AS PER MY CHOICE AND TIME

Today, the world is growing rapidly, the journey from an under develop to a developed nation is not any easy route , however Education is the most deciding factor which makes it possible. The ratio of uneducated people to educated ones is very low the reasons are many but solutions are cipher. The developing countries are finding best solutions for providing education at door steps with affordability but they need a platform, a source to solve this issue.

The new level of education which is not restricted to any boundaries is “CYBER SPACE LEARNING” where anyone can study anywhere as per his or her choice of time. This system of learning has helped tons of people to get education at their door steps. You just need to be On Line, study your course materials, complete your Credit hours and then finally get your education and participate in your nation development.

As per national and international survey, the drop out ratio of students is increasing year by year. The reasons are many like financial constraints, time factor, family reasons but people wants education and to make it available to all the CYBER SPACE learning has been introduced to give an added advantage with live examples. No problem of time and affordability in education , is the backbone of CYBER Space learning. This education has the capacity to reach to all the sections of the society ,so that the word Uneducated can be eradicated.

Many people have dropped their education and are doing odd jobs to earn money but they suffer because they find difficult to do White collar jobs and restrict themselves to wages not salaries. CYBER SPACE learning gives them an opportunity to raise their education level with no suffering of jobs and they can earn while they learn. Many educators are concentrating on this concept because of its reach with no limitations.

We have all the sources and we have interest of being educated then why not study while you are connected online. We spend a good time on Social medias but the time we are spending is Quantity time not Quality time. It’s hard to believe that if any one complaint that he or she can’t access to internet, we all are well aware of how to be online as we are online available on our Face books or other Medias then why not study online anytime and anywhere.

CYBER SPACE learning does not require huge machines to get knowledge, a simple android mobile phone has the capacity to train people but if we are interested in using it in an optimal way. If you are just high school pass then complete your bachelor degree, if you are bachelor degree holder then find a job earn your daily wages and side by side use this learning to be a Master degree holder and upgrade yourself from wages to salaries. This education has no age limit because education is not restricted to any one no matter what caste, color or creed you belong to.

Many certificate and diploma programs are being offered through CYBER SPACE learning which can enhance your education level. What you just need is : A mobile phone or personal computer or laptop and just sit back at your free time and study as per your choice because this learning offers education in 4 modules :

  1. Reading

  2. Writing

  3. Watching

  4. Listening

The world is changing and so we are, don’t be a step back person just step forward you will find a world full of opportunities with new techniques and ideas

So , Don’t be a knowledge consumer, raise up and be a knowledge constructor through CYBER SPACE learning.

                                           Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing.”


Damanpreet Singh