B L A M E G A M E - Negative Innocence
  • Mar 11, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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B L A M E G A M E - Negative Innocence

Winning & loosing is a part of life , as rightly said “a person who has not faced failure can’t be a winner” but these ups and downs are in the form of Games which can be seen or witnessed by naked eyes for example ; a cricket  match played by India and Sri Lanka ,where India scored 382 in 50 Overs and in reply Sri Lanka team was able to make only 200 in 50 Overs , now this situation clearly states that India has won the match and Sri Lanka is on the losing side. Now, let’s talk about the Game which is played to blame others for any course of actions either formal or informal and the biggest example is our Political System where opposition and ruling parties are BIG SHOTS.

Now, this Blame Game as we have highlighted in above paragraph is either formal or informal. So , we shall throw light what is formal Blame Game: It’s human nature to want to assign blame. Since the cockcrow stages we’ve accredit imaginary causes to effects that we are unable to explain. We constraint our self being seen by others as a failure, or as lacking self control. There are sometimes consequences for failure that affect our job , our informal groups and even our mental well being. We also don’t to see ourselves as defeated and we do everything we can to safeguard. We know that these wrong things have been done by us but why to announce our names, so it’s better to put in on others. Sometimes this Blame Game system can be witness clearly but sometimes it is played under the table which is more dangerous. This Blame Game system is most common in our Politics and in our Organization where we are employed.

Informal Blame Game is in the blood of Human beings, starting from Childhood to our Grand pa age. This Game is played by Brother and Sister, Mother and Father, Husband and Wife and with many more relatives. This Game is played in a very sweet or stupid way for example, brother has stolen a packet of chocolates biscuits and to get himself spared from parents shout, he blames his sister. Similarly, this Blame Game is applicable with Mother and father, for example , if a son is spoiled and he is doing wrong things , so father blames mother that she is the one responsible for the son being spoiled but the question is How and Why and then starts the argument which never is ending and can not be solved in any case. Now, husband and wife –Let me tell you that in Husband and Wife relation, this Blame Game process we all know and I don’t know what to say anything because this Game is well played by both these parties either in a happy  or in a sad way.

The statement “ YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE” , “ HE/SHE HAS DONE THIS MISTAKE” , I DID NOT KNOW ANY THING ABOUT THIS , “ REALLY I WAS NOT AROUND, MAY BE THIS GUY KNOWS AND HE IS THE ONE TO BE RESPONSIBLE” , Really we are playing this Game from our Heart and we want to win  in any case but we don’t realize  the sentiments of  other’s on whom we have played , the answer is “NO” because when we start to think about others in positive way then the problems will be just Zero and we shall be ended up with NO BLAME GAME system. 

Play the Right Games:

  • Don’t attack others for your blunder.-

  • When you do blame, do so effectively. 

  • Set a lesson with full conviction taking responsibilities for failures.  Image result for taking ownership

  • Always target on acquiring knowledge Image result for learning

  • Compensate people for making faults. 



Damanpreet Singh