Advantages of Full-Time Job over weigh Freelancing
  • Apr 29, 2019
  • Mukund Rajpal
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Advantages of Full-Time Job over weigh Freelancing

Working for earning money is the basic need of the day. Everyone works to fulfill the daily requirements. This work is different for different individuals.

Some people prefer Full-time jobs, while others give preference to Freelancing.

I think that a Full-time job has more benefits as compared to Freelancing. The merits of the full-time job are as follows-

  • Regular Income- While working in a full-time job, the workers get the money or their salary on time at regular time intervals. There is regular cash flow as the consistency in the money/ salary is there. However, in the case of freelancing, you get money for your work only. You do not have a regular income. There are some situations when you remain too busy and earn very well. On the contrary, in some cases, the workload is too less and you are sometimes unable to earn even to cover the basic expenses.

          Hence, the full-time job offers the advantage of earning with consistency, but this is not the case of Freelancing.

  • Job Security- There is complete job security if you go for the full-time job. No one can expel you from the job without any proper reason. You know you have work and you need to complete that in the given time. You have the job until or unless you do not want to quit.

The case of Freelancing is totally different. The work is not there with a freelancer every time. He needs to adjust to the circumstances when he does not have any kind of task. So, this sort of situations results in some troubles for the freelancer. In those circumstances, the freelancers may miss the benefit of job security that they can get in a                full-time job.

  • Additional Benefits- Various additional advantages are provided to the employees of a full-time job. These benefits are like- health care, dental care, bonus, provident fund and many more. These facilities are unavailable when you work as a freelancer. You need to cover your expenses for medical, transportation or any other work.

  • Regular Increments/ Promotions- There are chances of regular promotions or the increments when you work in a company. If you perform well, your chances of growth increase. You can grow vertically as well as horizontal in any organization. You can be promoted to the senior position if you are able to impress your boss or the seniors with your work.

Not only the promotion in case of designation is there, but there is monetary benefit also. The increment in salary is provided to the staff at certain intervals of time.

  • Communication Skills Improvement- While working in any company, one needs to interact with numerous co-workers to complete any task. This interaction inculcates the confidence in the person, as well as his communication skills, are improved. With good communication skills, one can easily impress the clients as well as the employer. This improvement in personality is the best thing that happens with an employee who works for a company.

On the other hand, when anyone prefers working as a Freelancer, he alone has to complete different tasks and no interaction with people is there. The individual has the opportunity to talk to his clients only, hence, this makes it tough to develop good communication skills and other required personality traits.

  • Positive Environment- The company where you work is likely to provide a positive atmosphere for working. All the individuals who work there are usually co-operative towards each other and they help each other in solving the challenging problems. The senior employees generally inspire the juniors to do good and excel in their field.

To keep the employees updated, the companies mostly arrange the training sessions. This supports the employees to perform well.

On the flip side, the freelancers have to solve every issue themselves. They do not have the help of the experienced staff. Even learning new updates is solely their own responsibility.

Thus, the benefits of working with any association are more than being a freelancer. If you think you are enough capable and don’t need any support in your profession, only then you should go for freelancing, but if you believe in learning for the whole life, then you must go for a full-time job in any company.

Mukund Rajpal