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11th February - 18th February

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28th February

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4th March

Blog 2019 Competition

BHUTTA GROUP OF COLLEGES" is organizing Creative Writing Competition: BLOGGING A BLOG

  1. Anyone from any age group can participate with no registration fees.
  2. There will be four groups under it and the winner from each group will get a cash prize of Rs. 1,500/- each.
  3. A person can participate in more than one group i.e. the prize money can be increased up to Rs. 6000 by participating in all the groups.
  4. In addition to this, first fifteen runners up will be given cash prize of Rs. 200 each.

Categories for Blog Writing

Group I : Entertainment Group II : Emerging Career Options
Category I : Music Category I : Photography
Category II : Movie Category II : Digital Marketing
Category III : Celebrity Gossip Category III : Freelancing
Group III : Education Group IV : Health & Fitness
Category I : Emerging Technologies Category I : Sports
Category II : Social Media Category II : Lifestyle
Category III : e-Learning Category III : Environmental Effects


  1. Choose a category of your choice from any of the above groups.
  2. Decide the title (i.e. headline) for the chosen category. Title should not be more than 15 words.
  3. Blog should be unique and original.
  4. Minimum word limit is 600 words.
  5. It should be as per the guidelines. The blog written under the mentioned guidelines will be published with your name.

For more details and further queries, contact:,    +91 9872178189,   8054637696


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